Nationwide Bell Ringing

The National Bell Festival invites bells and bell towers across America to ring out together on New Year’s Day, creating a canopy of sound over our nation. Cathedrals and churches, community organizations and historical structures, national parks and memorials, and people from coast to coast are encouraged to gather and contribute to the sound.

Ring in the New Year. Literally. 

This symbolic gesture of ringing bells together celebrates our commitment to community and our great expectations for the year ahead.

When will the bells ring?

Join us on January 1 by ringing bells simultaneously for twenty minutes. So that we can all ring together, the starting time for bells in your area will depend on your time zone. Nationwide ringing will begin at 2:00pm Eastern.

Our list of participating bells is expanding. Ask a bell tower in your neighborhood to join in the ringing or ring a handheld bell from your front porch. Bring your friends. Meet a neighbor! And take a moment to enjoy the rich, bellowing tolls that bring us all a little bit closer together. That’s the meaning behind our motto: civitas resonet. Let the community ring!