Before the momentous signing of the Emancipation Proclamation, advocates of abolition had been working tirelessly for decades – men and women who demanded justice, equality, dignity, and freedom.

It’s time their stories are tolled. 

Keep the voices of abolitionists and the spirit of freedom alive and ringing by sponsoring one of the Emancipation Bells. Your name will be cast in bronze opposite an American hero.

First Octave

Second Octave

Third Octave

Fourth Octave

Leonard Grimes
No. 43 is sponsored by:
Camden Miller
William G. Allen
No. 49 is sponsored by:
Phillis Wheatley
No. 50 is sponsored by:
Jacqui Michel & David Weisman
Eliza Day
No. 51 is sponsored by:
Maureen Macfadden
Susan Paul
No. 52 is dedicated in memory of:
Paul & Naomi Wittig

Ring of Allies