You Must Be New Here

So are we! We’re thrilled to announce the first National Bell Festival, a day when Washington comes together to ring in the New Year. Whether you’re just visiting the area or a lifelong Washingtonian, there’s plenty to love at BellFest. Very soon, we’ll start announcing the first listening parties and programming scheduled for New Year’s Day, with more fun activities and events added throughout the year. From performances by Washington’s most celebrated artists, to exclusive brunch and restaurant experiences, to cultural events and ways to get the whole family moving, BellFest is the best start to the New Year.

Look up at noon

At noon on the first day of the year, bells in towers across the nation’s capital will start to ring out together, creating a canopy of sound over the city. Around each tower and within earshot of each bell, we’re organizing special events for all Washington to get involved in. Why? Because we love community! We can’t wait to get everybody together for a city-wide New Year’s Day celebration. Bells unite us as a community. No matter what neighborhood or ward you call home, the gentle ringing of a bell is a shared experience; a distinctive reminder of time and place. Where will you be on New Year’s Day?

We’re restoring Washington’s sound canopy, too

BellFest works throughout the year to restore bells and towers across D.C. to their former thundering glory. Sentinels in bronze, the bells toll a history of our nation: the jubilation of independence, the pain of civil war, the sacredness of community, and the resounding hope of tomorrow. We owe it to both past and future Washingtonians to preserve these living monuments.

Want to get involved?

It takes a village! Consider becoming a Bell Raiser to support the work of BellFest, or sponsor the restoration of a bell or bell tower. Love a good time? Join us on New Year’s Day for an eclectic mix of special programming and listening parties. There’s so much to love at BellFest and we’re only getting started. The National Bell Festival: making sound waves since 2020.