Update to the Change Ringing Schedule at BellFest

Not one, but two full peal attempts will be happening this New Year’s weekend! The Washington Ringing Society has announced a second full peal attempt will be added to their calendar – and we couldn’t be more excited! That’s more bells ringing in more places, which is something we at the National Bell Festival love.

That does mean, however, that our earlier schedule and event listing will need to be updated. The Washington Ringing Society will no longer be ringing a full peal at Washington National Cathedral on New Year’s Day. Instead, they’ll be ringing at the Old Post Office Tower at 2:00pm. 

Then, on the next day, Sunday, Jan. 2, the ringers will be on their ropes at the Cathedral following the 11:15am service. We anticipate the bell ringing will commence around 12:30pm.

But wait…there’s more! To ring out the old and welcome in the new, ringers will attempt a quarter peal on the bells of Washington National Cathedral on New Year's Eve, too. Lasting approximately an hour, the ringing will begin at 10:00pm and can be heard from the surrounding avenues, gardens, and open spaces. The bells will be half-muffled to symbolize the passing of the old year. At midnight, these muffles will be removed and the Cathedral will be the first to ring in the New Year with a half hour of jubilant ringing.

To recap:

Will there be a full peal attempt on New Year’s Day?
Yes! The Washington Ringing Society will be attempting a full peal from the Old Post Office Tower on Pennsylvania Ave. starting at 2:00pm on New Year’s Day.

Will there be change ringing at Washington National Cathedral?
Yes! But it will be the day after New Year’s. Ringers will attempt a full peal after the 11:15am Sunday service, with ringing beginning at approximately 12:30pm.

Will there be other opportunities to hear change ringing this New Year?
Yes! On New Year’s Eve at 10:00pm at Washington National Cathedral, ringers will attempt a quarter peal on half-muffled bells, followed by general ringing at the stroke of midnight.

We can’t wait for the bells to erupt into jubilant sound. Join us for the tintinnabulation and ring in the New Year like never before!