Chef Chittum’s New Year’s Day Brunch Recipe

Washingtonians take brunch seriously – and that’s especially true for us here at the National Bell Festival. New Year’s Day was made for brunch! The exquisite balance of sweet and savory goodness; the acknowledgement that on New Year’s Day we might roll out of bed a little later than usual; the scintillation of a bubbling mimosa…all combine to make brunch the perfect meal. 

That’s why we’re thrilled to collaborate with Chef Anthony Chittum of D.C.’s acclaimed Iron Gate Restaurant to make the best New Year’s Day brunch at home. Even better: we’re partnering with Neighborhood Provisions to bring the ingredients right to your door! If you missed the pre-order for house-made sourdough focaccia, one dozen eggs, and all accompanying ingredients (pre-measured, of course), no worries! You can still follow along with Chef in his kitchen in our brunch cooking demo

You can also download the complete recipe for Iron Gate's "Eggs in Purgatory"  – which Chef Chittum will prepare for BellFest – and taste the hearty goodness of a home-cooked brunch this New Year’s Day.