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Bells of Historic Significance Can Be Retuned, Says Diocese of Durham

The medieval, Grade II-listed All Saints’ Church, Stranton, in the port town of Hartlepool, England, boasts a ring of eight merry peal bells ranging in size from 450 lbs. to over 1,400 lbs. (bells hang in only two other churches in Hartlepool: St. Aidan’s and St. Oswald’s). A couple of the church’s bells date to the middle ages and one, in particular, has caused quite the commotion of late.

Royal Shipwreck from 1682 Identified by Ship’s Bell

It was a bright and fresh morning. The HMS Gloucester was under full sail, bound for the Scottish capital at Edinburgh. The fluttering royal standard atop the highest mast denoted the presence of royalty and, indeed, the Duke of York, younger brother to His Majesty King Charles II and heir to the English throne, sat ensconced in his well-appointed cabins.

Great Paul Leads Bell Ringing Tribute at Platinum Jubilee

This weekend, Her Majesty The Queen is marking an extraordinary accomplishment: the first British monarch to celebrate 70 years on the throne with a Platinum Jubilee. Four days of nationwide commemorations, splendor, and pageantry (including an estimated 16,000 street parties across the United Kingdom) will last from Thursday, June 2 to Sunday, June 5, 2022.

The Bells of the Netherlands Carillon Resound Back to Life

The Netherlands Carillon, a gift from the people of the Netherlands to the people of the United States in gratitude for American aid during and after World War II, has rung out again over Arlington Ridge Park after a three-year restoration.

The restoration beautified and secured the open steel structure, while all 50 tower bells were returned to the Netherlands for cleaning and retuning. An additional three bells were cast and added to the assembly, elevating the instrument to grand carillon status. 

Join Us at the Netherlands Carillon for a Freedom Concert

The National Bell Festival is thrilled to join the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the National Park Service in celebrating the Netherlands’ Liberation Day and the completion of the rehabilitation of the Netherlands Carillon.

And you’re invited! After a years-long restoration that began in late 2019, the Netherlands Carillon is set to resound back to life this coming Thursday, May 5, during an inaugural Freedom Concert. The morning event, which is free and open to the public, will include performances on 53 bells and addresses from both embassy and park officials.

Love, Elation, Intrigue, and Death at UC Berkeley Campanile

Here at the National Bell Festival, we spend more than our fair share of time scrambling up rickety ladders and winding up narrow stairs to explore what treasures a bell tower can hold. Often, that discovery comes replete with a few surprises. Turning a corner to get a face full of spider web, hearing the unsettling crunch of a rotten floorboard underfoot, or startling a pigeon into frantic flight – we’ve seen it all. 

Peace Bell in Mariupol Falls Silent

As the horrors of the Russian invasion of Ukraine continue to unfold, one bell stands in mute testimony to the resilience of the Ukrainian people: Mariupol’s Peace Bell.

World Carillon Federation Organizes Concerts for Peace

Bell towers across the globe will resound in unity this weekend, sending a message of peace with the playing of beloved Ukrainian melodies on bells. From Europe to Asia and from Australia to the Americas, bells will ring out in a heartfelt appeal for peace, as the sovereign people of Ukraine stand against invasion and war.

Bells in America to Ring for Peace in Ukraine

In a heartfelt appeal for peace, as the sovereign people of Ukraine stand against invasion and war, the National Bell Festival joins the archbishops of Canterbury and York in calling for a day of prayer and reflection. This Sunday, February 27, 2022, bells across America will toll between the hours of 11:30am – 1:00pm local time in support of dialogue over destruction, collaboration over conflagration.

An Old Bell Rings Anew in Georgetown

The 19th-century bell at Georgetown Lutheran Church has resounded for the first time in decades, following a months-long restoration effort funded by the National Bell Festival. Marking 250 years since the congregation’s founding (1769-2019), the bell’s return and rededication celebrations had been delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic, but were finally realized this last weekend.