Make a Bell Necklace

5-15 minutes

Bell, craft cord, pony beads

This New Year’s Day, enjoy the tinkling sounds of wearable bell art! Perfect for all children, but especially the youngsters, these bell necklaces will help children practice their fine motor skills, counting, math, and music – all while ringing in the New Year.

Materials can be gathered around the house or at your local craft store. To complete the project and make your own bell necklace, you will need:

  • One bell (a jingle bell or mini cow bell is just the right size)
  • Craft cord (and safe scissors to cut the desired length)
  • Plastic pony beads

Here’s how to make a bell necklace.

Follow these simple steps to create a bell necklace with your child, but don’t forget to get creative! Feel free to play around with different beads, interesting color combinations, or by adding even more bells to create a truly personalized necklace.

  1. Cut the craft cord to a comfortable length for your child, likely around 18-24 inches if the necklace will be tied on, or larger if it will slip on over the head. 
  2. Tie a knot on one end of the cord to prevent the beads from sliding off as the child creates the necklace. You can also secure a paper clip or binder clip on one end to accomplish the same goal.
  3. Plan the design of the necklace with your child. How many beads will you need for each side? What pattern or color combination would you like to have? Ask the child to count out and separate both sides of the beads into two equal piles or lines.
  4. String the beads onto the cord, starting with one side. At the half-way point (when one of the bead piles has been all used up), add the bell! Then continue with the beading for the other side. If the cord starts to fray, wrap a small piece of tape around the end to make threading easier.
  5. Tie the loose ends of the cord together and you have a beautiful necklace to ring in the New Year!

Go ahead. Be a proud parent.

Share your creations online by tagging #BellFest in your posts! We’d love to see how you got creative and celebrated the New Year with your family.

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